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Please take a look around the website and look at my portfolio of work, my inspirations and contact me if you have any questions about my work here. I am looking forward to meeting with you all and sharing what I do. I have lots of new work, so please keep returning to my website, to see what I have for you. 

My work is inspired by nature and the changing seasons, photography is a big part of my process and I love to go for walks around where I live and capture the natural beauty of the landscape. 



See where I am exhibiting this year... So far I have exhibited in the USA, where I received a lovely award, ‘Arts in Harmony’: Second Place,  for my piece called ‘Avenia with a hint of blue’ from Hopkins Centre for the Arts, Minnesota, USA-- 

If you like any of my work, please contact me here 



My collections are often developed from the same views and each piece is totally unique. By using the subtle hues of a single colour I aim to create a sense of stillness, differing moods and to emphasise the tone and form within my work.

Take a look at my work more here



I live in the Calder Valley and inspiration is everywhere. Taking photos of the changing season is one of my hobbies, I love capturing the light and dark of the seasons and this is a big influence in my work. See my 

inspirations to view more..  

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